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There are endless diving options off the coast of Roatan. In addition to the daily “fun” dives, there are a few other breath taking unique diving opportunities you should not pass up on.



This is one of Roatan’s most famous dive sites, located on the South side in front of French Harbour.

Due to the different wind and waves of the South side, there is abundance of soft coral and marine life here, such as large groupers, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and even the more than occasional seahorse. This is a great dive to have a NITROX tank on your back!

Mary’s Place starts shallow on an elbow shape plateau with impressive vertical walls on either side. What makes this site so special are the crevice and cracks that splinter these impressive walls. The spectacular swim-thrus are laced with bushy and feather corals, gorgonian and an array of sponge life.

Mary’s Place is a two tank* trip scheduled weekly, with the second dive varying. Options for the second site include: Valley of the Kings, Prince Albert Wreck, Big Bight Wall, Flowers Bay Wall and Pablo’s Place. Conditions depending.

*Second dive depends on dive package.

PRICE: $50




The extremely healthy Mesoamerican Reef that fringes Roatan is even more amazing at night. You have to see it to believe it! Night Dives are shallow, cause that is where all the fun happens… octopus, rays, eels, crabs, lobster and a variety of shrimp are all hunting or trying to not be a meal.

On a rare occasion you can even feed the coral… no, really. The bioluminescence seen on Night Dives has to be experienced and the String of Pearls, which show 2 days after the Full Moon is truly spiritual.

Night Dives are available to Open Water Certified Divers as an Adventure Dive.

Conditions depending.

PRICE: $50 **$60 (Adventure Dive Price)



We have been sending people to the sharks for years now and it never disappoints. At the Cara a Cara (Face to Face) dive site, you’ll find yourself at 70ft/23 m sharing a sandy patch with up to twenty Caribbean Reef sharks. These sharks grow to 10ft or more in length and will normally have a remora or four attached to them. Swimming with them is at the divemaster’s discretion.

Located on the outer reef of the South side where strong currents and rough surface conditions can occur, this dive is not for divers requiring a lot of individual attention.

PRICE: $100


*Ask about a special trip to Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands) or Pigeon Key.*

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