Honduras Entry & Exit Travel Requirements


Travelers entering or exiting Honduras must have the QR code generated after filling out the online Prechequeo Immigration form. This may be asked for by the airline prior to boarding, or at Honduran customs and immigration. Please click the button below to be redirected to the official form's website.

Roatan's Current Airline Itinerary


Bananarama Safety Precautions

Our staff has undergone new training in order to make staff and guest interaction as safe as possible. New sanitary measures have also been put in place such as physical glass between guests and reception, as well as easily accessible hand sanitizing stations being placed throughout our facilities. Frequent hand washing is being practiced amongst staff, and we ask that guests please join us in this as well. Any surfaces that guests or staff may interact with are regularly being sanitized and wiped clean as part of our initiative to keep Bananarama safe. This especially applies to high-trafficked areas such as bathrooms, tables, handrails, etc...